Coffee or Tea Experiences

These blogs include everything from lavish Sunday “High Teas” to beautiful coffee shop experiences with amazing coffees or teas.

Witty & Interesting Things

Recommendations for intriguing products or interesting things that can be as simple as a paper weight, or as complex as choosing a moka pot.

New Zealand Adventures

Living and working in New Zealand as a USA Citizen. Blog posts that discusses everyday adventures and beautiful sights of New Zealand from a foreigner’s point of view.

Please enjoy my weekly blogs steeped in simplicity

– Chelsea

My vision for this blog is to be an escape from the world. Please enjoy my blog that discusses intriguing topics from self-care, personal style, unique hobbies, New Zealand travel adventures, and even witty products.

My favourite moment of the day is the calmness of sharing a cup of coffee or tea with a friend. These are peaceful moments, where the biggest decision is between coffee or tea. My promise for the blog is to never go deeper than the simplicity of the question “Coffee or Tea?”.