Hello, Welcome!

My name is Chelsea and I am aspiring blogger living in Auckland, New Zealand. Having recently moved to New Zealand from the United States, I am writing this blog to help me develop an understanding of myself and my new surroundings. This blog is curated to be the prefect platform to articulate my thoughts and expressions to the world.

You may ask the question – why Coffee or Tea? The importance tea became apparent throughout my social interactions in New Zealand. “Tea Breaks” are used as a moment of solace in the New Zealand workplace. For a brief second, the cares of the world seem to disappear, and a cup of tea brings harmony to the mind.

Growing up in Washington State, USA there was a great influence of coffee culture, being the original home of Starbucks and drive-through coffee houses. Coffee played a large role in my life and many others. Coffee is used to bring friends together and bring solace to the moments. The idea of coffee or tea brings comfort to my surroundings and seems to be a way of life.

With each article of my blog, I will try and recreate the moment of solace just before one enjoys their first sip of coffee or tea.

While researching for my blog I came across the Scandinavian lifestyle term known as Hygge “the feeling of cosiness and contentment evoked by simple comforts, such as being wrapped in a blanket, having conversations with friends or family, enjoying food, etc.:” (Dictionary.com, 2020) I believe the word Hygge is a great way to describe the feeling of the question: coffee or tea? The simple comfort of the question creates a sense of understanding between two people and an instant connection.

Please enjoy my weekly blogs that savours in the simplicity of the question- Coffee or Tea?

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