Starbuck Lemon Collection

After moving to New Zealand, I have realized the Starbucks Oceania market is more extensive than the market in the USA. The merchandise sold in the Oceania market is curated with more colourful and cheerful themes. The merchandise looks to be comprised of four main pieces for each collection: a mug, thermos, water bottle, and tumblers.

I have recently bought an item from the NZ Starbucks Lemon Collection. I bought the lemon tumbler with the uncentered straw. The uncentered straw has been great for ice drinks because the straw does not get caught in the ice.

The tumbler looks like a glass cup, but the material is plastic. The double walled bottom of the cup keeps the cup from sweating.

After looking at the merchandise in the store, I went back and forth on buying the ceramic mug in the collection. The ceramic mug is quite cute and sturdier with a lined suctioned top on the mug. I have never seen anything like this mug in the USA. The ceramic spoon inside the mug is ridiculously cute and unique for the piece.

This piece reminds me of the Gudetama Egg with the yellow and white colours. (See Picture Below)

Starbucks- Lemon Meringue Latte

After visiting the Auckland CBD Starbucks. I noticed the Starbucks Lemon Meringue Latte was introduced to the menu. The latte looked interesting with the lemon meringue chips and lemon drizzle. There are not many featured drinks that I feel I need to try.

Though the lemon meringue latte looked so different that I knew I needed to try the drink. The lemon and coffee flavour seemed delightful but could be a strong flavour. We decided to give the latte a try from the Sylvia Park shopping centre Starbucks.

{The only thing I changed about the order was the milk. I ordered the latte with soy milk instead of dairy milk. I know the whipped cream has dairy, but I wanted limited dairy. The review of the drink will be affected by the understanding that milk is soy milk instead of dairy. }

After trying the drink, I was pleasantly surprised of the flavour. The Lemon flavour in the drink is a sweet lemon flavour that goes well with the soy milk. The espresso in the drink gave the lemon a bitter taste but the milk seemed to cut through this and provide a lovely flavour.

The drink toppings I found to be the most interesting part of the drink. The whipped cream is drizzled in a lemon syrup. I found the syrup to be like a thin lemon curd.

The lemon meringue chips were scattered over the whipped cream. This was the sweetest part of the drink with the whipped cream. The lemon meringue chips are quite chalky, though this is to be expected with amount of drinks made each day.

I think aesthetically the whipped cream and toppings makes the drink look very instagramable. This drink is worth a try and I would recommend the drink to my friends.  If you wanted to try something different from the menu. This drink would be a great option.

Please comment below: Would you try this drink? Or have you tried any other Starbucks featured drink?

ClipArt/Photo Credit: & Writelovely

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